Identifica Tu Ovulacion y Toma Control de Tu Fertilidad con Cyclotest

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Avoid pregnancy without synthetic hormones, get pregnant faster, or simply understand your body better than ever before. With Cyclotest it's not only possible, it's easy!

Wake. Temp. Have sex.
There are only six days out of the month that you can become pregnant, and with Cyclotest you always know where you are. First, take your temperature under your tongue each morning. Then, check the monitor's home screen. RED days indicate sex will likely result in a pregnancy, GREEN days indicate you are no longer fertile. With that knowledge, you're now officially in the driver’s seat.

Integrated Thermometer
Daily temperature measurement is the key to identifying ovulation, so you want a thermometer that is powerful, accurate, and comfortable to use. The Cyclotest thermometer is calibrated with hospital level accuracy. And because of the automatic data transfer, there is no chance of typos or errors. Even better, the thermometer itself emits a soft glow during the hours that you can take your temperature in the morning. So you can simply roll over, take your temperature, and go back to sleep. No big deal.

Advanced Algorithm
Revel in the security of knowing Cyclotest’s advanced scientific algorithm is working to analyze and predict your upcoming fertility window. Cyclotest uses the unique daily information you tell it, together with the and the 99.4% effective Symto-Thermal method give you a specific and tailored fertility profile. This is no rhythm method or untested fertility app. Cyclotest is backed by over 30 years of precise German research, beautifully packaged to in a simple monitor that you know you can trust.

Choose a Tracker
Cyclotest myWay has become baseline for an easy to use, secure, accurate, and multipurpose fertility monitor.

Cyclotest MyWay is customizable to fit your lifestyle. If you just want the basic information to easily know if sex can or can not result in pregnancy, the home screen gives you that information at a glance. But if you want a more in-depth knowledge of the internal workings of your body, MyWay does more: Access detailed fertility charts, gain a holistic view of your health, and even plan your child's due date. No other monitor comes close to the range of hardware and software features packed into this unique all-in-one device.

The basic Cyclotest 2 Plus, with its simple linear display of your monthly fertility status, makes the benefits of fertility charting accessible to all. Based on the same exact algorithm, Cyclotest 2 Plus still offers the unbeatable 99.4 Symto-Thermal reliability. Because health and bodily awareness should not be elite.